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6 HRS By Kieran Mcginn

6HRS is a poetic response to the difficulties black people face spending and retaining money within black communities.

Even companies that produce majority black-consumed products were found to eschew advertising in black owned magazines or seeking to diversify their companies accordingly.

Written by TPOTD member Kieran, the poem references playground culture’s role in developing longstanding social attitudes, plus the inequality that pervades every aspect of life in Britain.

Allotting just six hours, Daniel and Kieran hit the streets to seek out black businesses and capture footage of the community, plus 6 hours to edit into an accompanying visual piece, we hope after watching you take the time to also seek out and patronise local independent businesses of marginalised communities and help build wealth for communities that need the investment.

Film By Kieran Mcginn

Direction by Kieran Mcginn & Daniel Bailey

Featuring Ralph Jackson Bray

Edit By Daniel Bailey


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