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BENCHED EP.3: Citizen Limbo

After reaching out to a young creative that I taught and have grown to admire, he exposed his truth about not having British citizenship and the tensions of living in a regenerated borough. His story particularly touched me as I wasn’t aware that this was a issue or even that he would be affected by it.

There are approximately 120,000 young people in Britain without citizenship or secured status; 65,000 of these young people were born in the UK.

Before 1981, any person born in the UK was automatically a subject; However, the legislation was deviated by Margaret Thatcher and any rights to citizenship became null.

Those who’re in this position find themselves denied work, healthcare and social support; And even at risk of being deported.

It is important to highlight these stories and magnify the voices of people who’re easily drowned out. ThePalaceOfTheDogs would like to further this conversation in aid of helping young people like this creative. If you have any additional information or experiences that can aid our cause, please contact us at

Interview and video by Daniel Bailey

Insta: @Justbailey

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