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BENCHED: MIGGY DeLa Rosa part 2

The Wilderness. A place signified in many faiths as a place of trial, a test of belief or character . A place that no-one means to wander into, but a place we are all lost in at one point or another. Out of this place, singer/songwriter, Miggy Dela Rosa awakened his E.P, Wilderness; A prayer from the depths of his own afflictions, adorned in culture and fortified in faith. We caught up with Miggy early last year and was absorbed by the intricate complexities of his methodology; We wanted to further magnify the obscure culture-threads he clads his art in and magnify the trapdoor of mental illness that birthed the E.P. Checkout the first episode of our new interview series, BENCHED, featuring (TPOTD:COLLECTIVE member) Vanessa Fisher:

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