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BUSKIN’: ZION B (Interview)

After steppin’ in the industry with his debut single ‘Stepped In’ in 2018, Zion B continues to set the bar for a new and positive narrative within his genre. As the 17 year old, south Londonerscareer goes from strength to strength, we caught up with him on how his faith grounds him and what he intends to do with his platform.

TPOTD: You come from a very artistic family, tell me about your family?

ZB: They are amazing!!! My mum used to dance and act – not many people know that, but I guess thats where the artistry fed into us. My big brother is an amazing dancer, my sister is a singer and my other sister is an amazing dancer also..

TPOTD: Yeh she’s killing it!

ZB: Yeh man

@ShawarahB: Stop it guys.

TPOTD: So how did you get into music?

ZB: There was a time where I was dancing a lot and I wasn’t sure if it was something that I wanted as a career. So in that state of trying to figure out what I wanted to do and I went to a Team Night at Hillsong.

TPOTD: Tell us what a team night is?

ZB: I’m on the Performing arts team at my church and Team night is time where all the creatives come together and worship.

TPOTD: So what happened?

ZB: I think whoever was talking, gave a message a bout surrendering your life to god, and I remember praying “God I surrender everything to you and whatever you want me to do I’m gonna do it”. About a week later I was dancing in the easter show at church and someone came to my dressing room and asked “Do you make music, you look like you should make music”. Then I was at another church event for young people and I ended sitting in the section where the pastors sit. Reuben Morgan who writes a lot of the Hillsong worship songs turn to me and says “Do you make music, you should”. Thats when I knew this where God wanted me to go.

TPOTD: How was it transitioning from secondary school to doing this full time?

ZB: Actually the music was great escape for me and I was very happy to be leaving. All my friends are at college all the time so I miss them, but this is what I want.

TPOTD: So who’re you listening to now?

ZB: Goldlink, Masego, Post Malone, Travis Scott. Those are like my mains.

TPOTD: Your music has a positivity to it, but I still get a sense of where you’re from; What are your thoughts on the media blaming artists within your genre for promoting a negative lifestyle?

ZB: It’s their story. Recently I thought that I was writing about the same thing and I tried to change, but I found it hard because I can only truly write about what I live and my experience. So if that’s there environment you cant take that away. it’s their truth.

TPOTD: What do you want your music to do?

ZB: I want it to make people smile, dance, feel free and get crazy. We don’t get enough of an opportunity to go crazy. Travis Scott’s new album is named after a theme park that was shut down and he said he wanted to reflect that in his shows, so people could release all this energy, get crazy. I want that too.

TPOTD:Do you have a creative process?

ZB: It always changes; Mostly when I come up with an idea, people think I’m crazy, but it always works out.

TPOTD: How do you maintain ownership over your creativity when you are working with people who’re older than you?

ZB: It’s hard. Only recently have I been able to stand my ground and say” I’m the artist, I know what i am doing”. Once I gained peoples respect creatively, it gave me more freedom.

TPOTD: Whats it like be signed to a label?

ZB: I had to really establish how I wanted exist under them, I feel like a lot of artists can be dictated to by their label – but its been great for me and I’ve had the chance to really explore.

TPOTD: In 5 years time what would you like to have achieved?

ZB: I could say I want the awards and I know this sounds corny, but I wanna change the world somehow.

TPOTD: Yeh, whats the point in making art if you’re not gonna impact the world.

ZB: Exactly. 2pac said ‘He might not be able to change the world, but he wants to be able to spark the mind that does”, thats what I wanna do with my art.

TPOTD: What advice would you give to someone who was like you, in school and wanting to make music?

ZB: Be yourself. It’s ok to be different, I love different. Also don’t compare yourself to other people. Know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

Interview & Videography By @JustBailey

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