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Celebrity VS Artist

Hey guys i hope your all well and enjoying the Easter holidays!!!! This week i was inspired by Janelle Monae’s interview on the Breakfast Club. If any of you have watched a Breakfast Club interview before, their questions can be quite personal and revealing, but i was in awe of how she steered each subject back to her album. Many of you may have seen the Azealia Banks interview where she spoke passionately of her own personal issues and social network “beefs”, which was widely received. But in comparison to the Janelle Monae episode, you see the frustration of a popular celebrity whose product is lost in social media opposed to an artist whose peice voices their opinion. As actors our job is to voice opinion through theatrics. But is our opinion being stifled by B-list celebrities, quick-fix-poor writing and lack of investment? Are creatives becoming more concerned with being popular socially than creating art? Being an artist of any form is hard financially, but without the prospect of popularity and fame would you still strive for this career?

I’ve often become disheartened with the complexity of the business and its simple exterior with egocentric money-fuelled fine motors. Its not all like this evidently, but the thought of having to play a game to get ahead was confusing and i’d considered changing career. The interview encouraged me to understand the kind of performer i want to be and how simple it is to let art speak for itself. Everybody wants to be successful, its a basic instinct and we all need to live, but its far more rewarding to put your efforts in creativity than to put yourself on exhibition. If you have some time watch the interview below!!! I hope it inspires you as much as it did me!!!

Take Care !!!

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