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EP.2: GENERATION EXPAT – (Black Theatre Talks)

After the feedback that I’ve received from my peers, regarding the Ep.1; Many have expressed their disappointment at the lack of response from our white counterparts in the industry. There was an expectation that this would open a forum and expose our conversations candidly, giving education and insight to those who don’t understand our experience. Shares and comments evidence for this analysis. Black community and other marginalised ethnic groups; freedom has been long since dangled in front of us since slavery and colonialism – however, in this fight for equality we have battered and exhausted ourselves against this iron structure of racism. Maybe its time we start looking for that freedom inside of ourselves, instead seeking the validation from a structure that uses its guilty conscience and ignorance as an excuse. Remember before anything this is a celebration of us despite our adversaries. IF YOU WANT CONVERSATION AMONGST YOUR PEERS START IT. For anyone who has felt impacted by the stories and experiences that have been illuminated, keep the conversation going. Peace, Love & Understanding.

In This Episode of Generation Expat we speak advocate colour mindful casting and the shortfalls in color blind casting;  Dex Lee and Idris Kargbo speak about their experience of being the first black people to perform their roles in Grease and Wicked. Ibinabo Jack and Maisey Bawden express there views on casting/advertisement, detailing how lack of diversity cuts off a whole demographic from viewing theatre/tv/film. Enjoy.

Words By Daniel Bailey.

Video By Daniel Bailey & Sharon Knight.

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