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INDUSTRY MINDS: Daniel Bailey (Podcast)

For those of us artists/actors who’re on the receiving end of the industry; It can be hard when striving for security and creative opportunities to see how the intricate structure of our industry can be effecting our mental health. As an industry that is deemed open-minded and liberal, we can often fall into a false sense of security. Believing that what ails our society and politics, doesn’t also reflect in our industry due to its supposed nature. I spoke with Industry Minds about how the same issues that outrage us in our society and politics, are also reflected in the arts industry. Detailing how this structure can affect the mental health of BAME actors and how artistic representation can steer a narrative for marginalised communities. 

Thanks Ladies for having me, It was an honour to have the opportunity to speak.

Enjoy Guys   

Soundcloud & Podcast Link Below.

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