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ThePalaceOfTheDogs is back with the final instalment of LITTLE BLACK BOOK, in collaboration with poet Brisbon Kofi. Following on from the exploration black queer love in part 2. We discover how this haven of exploration can manifest activism; How healing fused with the trauma of our past can fuel our endeavour to help others in our community. Many thanks to those who've been on our journey of the Little Black Book and a special thanks to Brisbon Kofi for sharing his poetry.

Written By Brisbon Kofi

Directed by Danny Bailey

Creative Direction By Kieran Mcginn

MUA Drew Dalziel

Photography By Dwayne Black

Featuring Jaime Tait , Derek Aidoo, Natasha Leaver, Angela Marie Hurst, Cherelle Williams, Newton Matthews, Jayme-Lee Zanoncelli, Eman Akwafo, Gabrielle Elu, Ricardo Castro, Lithemba Velleman, Jay Perry and Dwayne Black

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