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POET IN DA KENNEL: Real Eyes Realise Real Lies by Chia Phoenix

When real eyes, start to realise that the reality of what they believe they see, is real lies. Then they will realise that their real eye lays between their real eyes.

The third eye that helps to decipher the real lies.

Real lies hidden in truth, in plain site, that convince real eyes that real lies are real and that only what we see is real. Creating contracts and real ties to lies, without realising our real eyes may sometimes lie to us.

So as you rub your real eyes, be conscious of your real eye and what it can show you. So you realise the truth behind the lies that you see and then connect with your soul as it realises that you recognise it and then life gets real.

Because your real eyes realise real lies.

Spreadlove Belove Onelove

Chia Phoenix

Poetry by @ChiaPhoenix

Directed & Featuring @JustBailey

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