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Poet in The Kennel: The Eulogy

After the death of Toni Morrison and attending, dance legend, Thea Nerissa Barnes’ memorial. I begun to reflect on the power of writing; how these words live on past you and later become your eulogy. Almost stronger than memory. I begun to ask myself what would my eulogy sound like if I died today… The Eulogy by Daniel Bailey.

Is it true that a writer pens their own eulogy? 

What truer description of life than the one from the realms of a deceased mind.

Tender poems of loves and daggers through loves lost. 

Sword like sermons that contest opposition. Guarding the heart. These sheets of protection. 

My sheets would shatter like glass to those who grapple with my existence and shine like stained glass windows to those whose hue resembles mine. 

If I died today my eulogy would be a prickly rage at hostility. A tale of enduring embarrassment and rejection. With small bursts of pride that evolves each time you price my pain and wear it as fashion… My Pride and Pain something to be worn for a season. 

if I died today my sermon would roar, ball, it’d batter you 400 times over. 400. It’d ship you out steal your mother tongue and parade it in museums that you’re all too poor to attend. 

If I died today don’t come to my funeral. You wouldn’t be invited. 

Is it true that a writer pens there own eulogy? If soo…..

Film and words by Daniel Bailey

Insta: @justbailey

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