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PoetInDaKennel: SPACE by Noor Taymah

ThePalaceOfTheDogs is back with another PoetInDaKennal collaboration with artist/poet out Noor Taymah, with visuals by Daniel Bailey and featuring Nicholle Cherrie. Check it out below.


The sun and salt burnt it away.

The quiet gave space to the loud voice, the cacophony of ugliness she didn’t know she had hidden.

She was beautiful, with enough smiling she might convince fish in fish bowls.

She didn’t realise she was growing legs, growing roots and that they were beautiful and painful and this was air in her lungs.

She danced wildly around the fire, naked barefoot as the ancestors watched and praised her, beating the drum they crowned her with sweet flowers, berries and incantations of strength.

A home made. A home coming. Welcome home. 

By Noor Taymah

To submit your poetry or to collaborate with us here @thepalaceofthedogs, shoot us an email at

Poetry by: @cherelleskeete

Visuals by: @justbailey

Featuring: @nichollecherrie

Produced by: @thepalaceofthedogs

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