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Say It loud, I’m Black & I’m Proud — Vanessa Fisher

The Black British Theatre Awards celebrated its first ceremony last weekend, where the cream of black British theatre celebrated how far we have come and the legacy we have yet to leave behind. Our TPOTD’s member Vanessa Fisher was asked to list black SOLT theatre actors and enlisted the help of Daniel Bailey to document a register of talent that screams ‘we are here’. A massive congratulations to those who were awarded for there achievements and a further ovation to our patron Solange Urdang who founded and curated The BBTA’s. You can find the Black British Actors list (August 2018-19) here:

In the meantime enjoy Vanessa Fisher’s account of the event on her blog below. (Link Below)

Article By Vanessa Fisher

Social Media: @VanessaFisher

Foreward By DanielBailey

Social Media: @JustBailey

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