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I had the pleasure of sitting down (virtually) with the Queen of Green, Flakes aka Afolake. We created a safe space to discuss pretty much everything from the inevitable “how are you finding lockdown?” to the governments attempts to test for covid-19 vaccines in our precious Africa. Many eye rolls, many laughs and for me, a deeper understanding into how this young black Queen garnered the audacity to not only exist, but thrive loudly in a society that often attempts to silence us. Flakes spoke in detail about the influences both Nigeria and the maverick Dennis Rodman on her art and the importance of having our faces intwined with money. We spoke about our value, humour in old African folks tales and I refused to leave the chat before letting Flakes know that her boldness gave me strength. I see you Queen and I see me in you .Flakes shares her thoughts and work with us @thepalaceofthedogs, as we delve into what turns a selfie 2 self-portraiture on social media platforms.

“Your value has no exchange rate.”

“To have your face on a note is a high level of importance.”

“[Green] symbolises growth, new beginnings and an element of change. It’s an energy re-boost.”

“[Afrofuturism] for me would be, taking the narrative into our own hands and telling our stories”

“Visual art with movement implemented in it [art] is a way of expressing myself.”

“I want them [everyone] to embrace their differences.”

“There is freedom in being yourself.”

“I’m a child of God before’s where my confidence comes from.”

“I would definitely say Nigerian culture has had a big impact on me.”

For more of Flakes’ work head to her instagram @Flakesofafeather

Words by Vanessa Fisher

Personal Blog: @veeveevoom

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