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SPOTLIGHT: Benny Buttons

I’m a curious soul. So the idea of going to the market and smelling the fresh street food and hearing the vocal exchange of bargainers always excites me. Shoreditch market, on Brick Lane, is always my go to for my weekly dose of vibrance. I remember a couple of years back seeing a familiar face in the core of the market, where the gaps get tighter and the crowd is at its busiest. Right there was Ben, an old friend from my teen years selling coconut water and vegan pancakes.

Fast forward to today: Ben is still thriving, with the same organic products, plus more.One of the hardest workers, Ben wakes up every morning at 4:30am, fills up his van with self-made vegan pancake mix, jams, raw coconuts and fruit. Our entrepreneur, Ben, sells throughout the day packs up around 5:30pm and journeys home to prepare for a new day; leading him to sleep minutes to midnight.Ben mentioned that the future is what allows him to keep his momentum high, which motivates him to work so hard. A “mind over matter” outlook, that creates a high standard and strong work ethic; which enables him to view his work not as a chore, but as something he’s investing in; creating the foundation for him to build a life he wants to live for himself, because he has created it independently.

We are here to constantly support self-made business by investing in them and sharing encouragement.

Benny Button’s

Mon – Sun: Camden Market.

Sat: Broadway Market.

Vegan Pancakes: Saturday in Camden, Sunday on Brick Lane

Follow Ben’s journey on instagram here: @bennybuttonstea

Written By: Pia Morris

Photo Credit: Pia Morris

Instagram: @Soulestial.GLD

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