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THE POETS CORNER: Liberation Through Art

The Poets Corner; was established by founder of Poetic Unity, Ryan J Williams- Robinson (aka Ragz-CV). The night of self expression, housed in the Black Cultural Archives, is prized on being the only weekly poetry event in South London, showcasing the best upcoming poets and spoken word artists. Creating a safe and healthy platform for muted voices to be awakened.

Upon arriving to the poetic hub, guests were welcomed with smiles and warm greetings, creating a fluid transition into the community. Once seated, I noticed the balls of electricity sparking from the corners of the the room as the poets tweaked and perfected their recital, fusing their energies with one-another for support and encouragement. The evening was hosted by poet, Mr Emotions, otherwise known as Tevin; who proceeded to teach us virgin ‘Poet Corner’ consumers the precept for poetic patronage, before inviting the pitter patter of rhythmic word-stock to display their vernacular vocal visions.

Explosion of personal experience and emotion unfurled out before the audience, highlighting the importance of poetry and art within society. The poets were able to use their writing as a vessel to communicate raw feelings and concerns in a safe and encouraging environment. It was truly inspiring and exciting to hear voices and opinions that aren’t represented in the media.

The Poetry Corner will be celebrating its 2nd birthday this today, the 10th of May, at the Black Cultural archives, so get down there and enjoy some great work and celebrate their anniversary. Otherwise you can catch them every Wednesday, at the BCA, from 7-9pm. The work I saw really motivated me and as their audiences continue to grow, I hope that encourages and inspires new experiences for them to spin lyrical webs about.

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