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VIDEO: Weak Tea

In the wake of Brexit and the carnage the referendum, I began re-evaluate how I see myself as a British Citizen and what it means to be British. Growing up my experiences of History in school, was a parade of topics that didn’t reflect the 30 or so multicoloured faces of my class mates. My reality was a floating in history, with know tether to the country where I was born. The truth is, is there is a galvanising history that binds us together in Britain, revealed sparingly through a tiny needle eye hole, while the monarch history bursts through the windows of our education system silencing the young voice that unites us. You only have to read the newspapers to see how this warped knowledge of history affects people; an ugly sense of entitlement or a turbulent feeling of  estrangement.

So I present to you Weak Tea; a comment on British society today. I hope this sparks conversation on what it means to be British and inspire people to look into their own history.

Special thanks to Sarah Amankwah and Emily Casey, for being apart of the creative process.


God Bless x

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